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£775 per couple

Ensuring your smile is picture perfect, this package is ideal before a wedding or a holiday.


This package includes:

  • a free consultation, 4-6 weeks prior to your special event

  • stain removal scale and polish

  • custom made whitening trays

  • whitening syringes.

Your appointment will be booked according to availability. In order to have teeth whitening done you should have healthy teeth and gums. Both clients must have the whitening package in order to benefit from the discounted rates.*


At The Smile Suite, we see one child, aged 12 and under, free of charge, for their exam, alongside every registered adult that attends for their own dental examination.

We also offer comprehensive discounts on treatments for children. See our Price List.*


From £60

Staining from tobacco can be unsightly and can also make teeth more susceptible to plaque and calculus build-up.

Gum disease is common but observing a good oral regime, with the assistance of our expert team, can help to prevent this condition and maintain healthy teeth and gums.

We can provide a comprehensive maintenance clean and a unique hygiene plan, including complex stain removal with Air Flow technology – an advanced stain removal system enabling the elimination of even the toughest teeth stains.*


10% Discount

Students 16 and over: Are you concerned about the health of your teeth? Interested in any treatments to enhance your smile and boost your confidence? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

At The Smile Suite, we offer a 10% discount to all students attending for your dental examination. Just be sure to attend appointments with your valid student photo ID.*


*T&Cs Apply to all our Dental Packages.

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